Thursday, February 28, 2013

The end of month two

So we are at the end of our 'recycling' month.  We won't stop though.  The hardest thing to deal with is the things that can be recycled but can't go into our city recycling can.  These include fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and plastic grocery bags. The fluorescent light bulbs haven't gone out yet so when they do I'll have to take those to Lowe's.  I put a small plastic container in the laundry room to slip used batteries in.  Then I can take them to Lowe's also.  I also have a large bag of grocery bags in my car that need to go to the grocery store.  I tend to reuse these for different things but they multiple in my sleep.  I have also read that you can recycle toilet paper plastic wrap and such at the same bin as grocery bags.  I do wish that it was all at the same location.  It would make it easier!

Our goal was to reduce our city trash by 50%.  We have accomplished that and more!

Next up: Hospitality!

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