Monday, February 11, 2013

Going well!

This month's recycling project is going well.  We have already reduced the garbage by half.  We may have to make the big kitchen trash can the recycling can and the little recycling can the trash can.  Cardboard boxes seem to be a big part of our recycling.  So much packaging is such a waste.  The other day I bought my hubby two button-downed shirts.  They were on deep discount and were only $8 each.  There was about $7 worth of packaging in each shirt.  Took me 10 minutes to unwrap them.  I saved the pins for my sewing but there was a ton of stickers, cardboard, and plastic to keep the shirt looking like new.  It was just crazy.

The kids and hubby are doing well with recycling too.  The kids will ask if something goes in the recycling.  I occasionally find something in the trash that should go in recycling but mostly everyone is remembering.  Hubby has said it's a lot easier to dump the recycling than the garbage since the garbage needs a trash bag.  I'll take making it easier for hubby to take the waste out.

I'm now working on turning out the lights.  It's just a bad habit to leave them on.  We all do it.  I'm trying to just be more conscious about what we are using in our house.

Which brings me to our water bill.  I realized that our water bill had been really high the last two months.  So I went on a detective hunt.  The monkey helped with her little magnifying glass.  I turned off every water source in our house.  Toilets, ice maker, and washer.  I checked the water meter.  It was still 'ticking'.  I found a faucet that was slowly dripping outside.  I believe that was the source.  I turned everything back on, checked the numbers on the water meter, and left for a few hours.  When we returned, the numbers where the same.  I'm hoping we found the problem.  I talked to the kids about making sure the faucets were turned off tightly.

We are making a dent in our impact on this gift of the earth that God gave us!

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