Sunday, February 3, 2013

February's project

After finishing up our month of no eating out, I needed something that requires a little less 'stress' for the family.  This month we are focusing on recycling.  We used to recycle.  A lot.  Then the city stopped recycling because of the expense it was costing.  We could take the recycling to a local drop off point, but that didn't happen for us!  For most families, that is probably not a big deal, but I like to throw things away.  I really do!  It's all part of my 'organizational' nature.  We have two big city trash cans.  During a holiday, they are both full.  I do take things to donate when they are nice enough, but I'm just not a pack rat.

A friend said, "Don't worry about it.  God is going to destroy the earth anyway!"  She has a point.  But I've decided if God gave us the gift of the earth, I should at least try to keep it from being completely trashed!  After all, think about all the gas I saved not driving to eat out last month!

This month's project took a little prep.  Our city started a new recycling program.  Homeowner's purchase a recycling can for $25 and then the city provides curbside pick-up on a weekly basis.  Form my figures, by doing this, I am saving the city about $16 a year.  We have our can.  I also cut out some cute recycling vinyl stickers to put on the trash cans in the house to put the recycling in.  It was my daughter's idea.  Where does a 4 year old learn this stuff?  (She said from Caillou.  Her preschool is called PBS.)  We have three recycling waste baskets in the areas where we most need them.  The kitchen one is right beside the big trash can.  Already I'm discovering that we really have more recyclable trash than not.  My goal is that each week we only have half a city can of trash (vs the 1 to 1 1/2 cans we had before).

I also plan to add in a few other 'earth' type things.  I'm still working that out.  But until then, happy recycling!

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