Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not prepared!

We had our first day of not really being prepared!  I let the kids pack the snacks for our field trip to the local history museum class.  That was my first mistake.  They didn't pack a whole lot of things.  My second mistake was letting the kids have the snack bag in the back of the car.  They ate it all before we got there.  Well, they did leave some raisins and fruit gummies.  That would have been fine but this history class was hot and stuffy and boring!  I got a headache and then felt my blood sugar dropping.  When we got in the car I gorged on raisins and fruit snacks.  Next time I will check the contents of the snack bag before we get in the car and I will be keeping it in the front seat!

We are definitely running out of food by Sunday night.  I have to make sure I hid some things from the kids so we can 'pace' our consumption.  They aren't happy with me tonight because they are going to a movie night at church.  It's free to go to, but they sell pizza and snacks there.  We went to the grocery store though and got some goodies!  They will survive without cold pizza and hot soda.  ;)

The biggest win in this situation has been my husband's reaction.  He told me today that when the month is over he doesn't want to go back to the way we did things before.  We decided that when we do go out to eat it will be more intentional.  We will go out once a week, or maybe less.  We can take turns choosing where we go.  We will try new places and have new experiences.  As a family.  Not as individuals running through a drive-thru on the way to something else!

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