Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Half Way

Well, we are about half way through our 'experiment' on not eating out.  It's been interesting and surprising.  It has been easier in some ways.  Of course we aren't spending money on eating out but we are definitely spending more at the grocery store.  The major thing is that we don't go anywhere.  Well, not exactly true.  But we were spending A LOT of time in the car running to get something to eat.  My son even commented that he had more time to play.  Truth be told, I was using that as an escape.  When things became difficult, I would just put everyone in the car and drive to Sonic.  1/2 hour gone.  Being at home all day with both kids can be trying sometimes.  Now, I'm learning to deal with the conflict instead of running from it!

I've also had to help my daughter learn that she CAN eat something at home.  Previously, she would say she wasn't hungry and then we would get in the car and 10 minutes later she was starving!  She's learning to eat at home or at least take a snack with her.

There are times however when we will be gone from home for 3-4 hours at a time.  I've had to plan for this.  It's not bad though.  I figure that spending 10 minute packing some snacks and drinks is STILL so much easier than having to walk miles for clean water.  I'll take the planning.

The best part is that my "Panera Bread" potato soup has passed the test for my son!  He said it is as good as the restaurant's.  It's his new favorite meal!  I've experimented some in the kitchen.  Started meal planning a little more.  I've still got to figure out the snack thing.  I've also got to drink more water.  Even though I was drinking soda, it had a lot of ice that was melting into water that I was drinking.

Finally, I'm more grateful for the food we have.  I think my children are too.  THAT alone has been worth the journey!

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  1. I think this is a great resolution! We had to stop eating out bc of diet restrictions, but its amazing how much better we feel and how much money we have saved! Kudos to you!