Friday, January 4, 2013

Four days in

Four days in and we have had a revolt.  I did NOT expect this.  This morning the turtle had a meltdown over breakfast.  He didn't want anything we had.  He looked at me and said "Can't we just go to McDonald's!??!"  There were tears.  There was yelling.  There were threats of going back to bed for the day.  So, I took a breath and decided that we needed to pray through this one.  We prayed to be grateful for the food that we have.  Then he got up and decided that Honey Nut Cheerios weren't the worst thing in the whole world.  Crisis averted.  Until the afternoon.

On the way back from an errand this afternoon, the monkey said "Can we get Chick-fil-A?"
"No, honey, we are going home."
"But I'm HUNGRY!"
"It's ok, we are going to be home in 5 minutes."
"No, you aren't." *sigh*

My kids are pretty strong willed.  Lucky for them, I'm stronger.  So we drove home.  See, this is why we needed to do this?  We think that food should just always be instantly available.  My kids have come to think of this as normal.  They think everything is fast, immediately available, and endless.  I think they were going through a little withdrawal.   Lucky for us, we had a cub scout event that had free pizza tonight!  Yippee for us!  After all, I'm not giving up junk food-just the ever present supply of it.

Next week will probably not be any easier.  We have a LOT on the schedule.  I've got to plan a good bit since there are days where we are out of the house for HOURS!

I am learning to feel blessed when I walk to the pantry and have food to fix.

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