Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thankful for others' blessing

Back in November, lots of people posted something they were thankful for each day.  We do a simliar thing at dinner each night.  I didn't participate in the Facebook thankfulness posts because, for me, it seemed that it would be all about ME!  I've been trying NOT to focus so much on myself.  (If you posted on Facebook, good for you!  It just wasn't for me.)

So today I want to start something where I am thankful for a blessing that someone else gets.  It could be just a small miracle in someone else's life.  It might even be something that you wish would happen to you.  We all spend so much time looking at people who seem to have more and wishing that God would bless us with that.  What if we spent that time focusing on the blessing that God has given others?  Would we start to notice the blessings we have more often?

Here are some of my 'other blessings':
I am so grateful to God for allowing my sweet friends' little medically fragile boy to pull up and stand in his crib just a few weeks after his first birthday.  It is a miracle in so many ways and made my heart swell with love to hear that it happened.

I am so grateful that a friend's husband's job provides a nice car for them to drive.  In an economy where cuts are being made left and right, I'm glad she gets that luxury.  And it is much sweeter because she REALLY likes to drive!

I'm grateful that a friend paid off a lot of debt and saved enough to build a bigger house!

And because I think the blessings can be found even in times of sadness: Several friends lost loved ones in the last few months.  These dear people all loved Jesus.  I'm grateful that in the midst of sadness these friends can rest in the knowledge that they will see their loved ones again in heaven!

What are your 'other blessings'?

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