Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finding the Merry

How was your Christmas?  Is it over yet?  Ours will 'officially' be over on New Year's Day.  It has been spread out over days, so that we can spend quality time with each part of our extended family.  In fact, the tiger and turtle are visiting one set of grandparents today while I sit at home with a sick little monkey.  I'm choosing to be blessed in the circumstance because the boys are getting time together and we are having 'just girls' time!

Have the days after Christmas been hard for you?  Do you sit watching friends post on Facebook about the gifts they received?  Maybe you just want to scream if you see one more iphone, ipad, American Girl Doll, wii, or Disney vacation picture!  It can be enough to make you start 'unfriending' people.  Maybe you think "gosh, are all my friends really this rich?" The truth, of course, is that we only see a snap shot.  We don't see the credit card bill that comes in January, the tears shed because a loved one has left (physically, emotionally, or from this earth) or the argument that such item might cause.

Now I'm not saying if you DID get these things you are wrong.  I love a good Disney trip!  I hope we are blessed with another one in the next few years.  But if you are struggling with what you are seeing or hearing, remember that it is only one piece of the puzzle.  You cannot compare what goes on inside your life with what you see on the outside of someone else's.

If you are struggling, take a minute to list five things that you have been blessed with this Christmas.  Some thing may be physical gifts but most will probably be things that can't be wrapped.  Health, friendship, family, kindness of others.  I hope the one thing that you do have on that list is that God sent a tiny baby to grow into a man to save YOU from eternal separation from Him.  THAT is the real reason to find the Merry!

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