Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Learning to be thankful

I've had a recent season of annoyance.  Anything minor has annoyed me.  Other people's minor annoyances have REALLY annoyed me.  You might think that these annoyances come from a shallow place.  They don't.  They come from a much deeper place of thankfulness.  See, God's biggest gift to me is perspective.  Perspective of all of the important things in life.

I have had so many dear friends who have had VERY sick children.  In the last 12 months, these are what my friends' children have dealt with:
-A fight for his life with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (
-A fall from a tree that fractured her skull and that she was not supposed to survive (she did)
-A horrendous and very painful case of shingles with lingering nerve pain (ongoing)
-A undiagnosed case of silent reflux that caused the newborn to stop breathing-three different times
-A horrendous bicycle wreck that ended up revealing a potentially malignant tumor

All but one of these occurred in the last month.  (And honestly, I know there are more that I just don't remember right now).  So, if you are bothered because your brother's uncle's cousin isn't bringing food to Thanksgiving, get over it!  If you are "so upset" because you don't get to see one of your family members on the day of Thanksgiving (even though you see them all the time), get over it.  There are people who have loved ones in the hospital, getting ready for surgery, or are experiencing their first holiday since they lost someone.

I'm sure I will be annoying friends and family in the future, but it's time to realize that people are more important that the 'festivity'.   People are more important than the date.  I pray that my children's memories have more to do with the things they are thankful for than the decorations, the food, or the "Sunday best" that they are expected to wear.

So as you go into this first or many holiday celebrations, take a moment to hug your kids and remind them that THEY are what is important!

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