Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Time Bucket List

I've seen lots of fun ideas for letting the kids choose what activities they want to do over the summer.  I like a little more control than that so I just came up with a list that we can refer to when planning out what to do.  I've let my oldest look at it and he was all excited!  I doubt we will do it all.  It was more inspiration.  I gleaned from lots of sites different ideas and applied them to our family.

Summer Fun Ideas 2011

1.           go to discovery park
2.         build a fort,
3.         make homemade pizza
4.         visit the zoo
5.          do a paint project
6.         do service for someone,
7.          visit mom mom
8.         visit mimi
9.         go to a movie
10.            walk a dog
11.       write a story
12.     sew a library bag
13.     get a library card
14.     have a picnic
15.      have a pajama day
16.     help make dinner
17.      plant flowers
18.tie-dye a shirt
19.     go to the park
20.          mail a letter
21.     make a magazine collage
22.           make homemade lemonade
23.           play a board game
24.           take someone dinner
25.           paint with pudding
26.           help little sister play soccer
27.           melt crayons
28.           invite someone to church
29.           have lunch at work with dad
30.          make cookies
31.     go on a hike
32.           have a popcorn fight
33.           go putt putt
34.           swim with the cousins
35.           ding dong ditch w/ cupcakes
36.           do a puzzle
37.           sidewalk chalk
38.           stay up til midnight
39.           go fishing 
40.          get a haircut
41.     clean your room
42.           buy school clothes
43.           buy school supplies.
44.           Backyard picnic w/friends
45.           Go on a walk and take pictures
46.           Play some board games
47.           Take dog for a walk.
48.           Call a friend
49.           Do 25 jumping jacks!
50.           Look through family albums
51.      Make a root beer float.
52.           Go to the movies w/ family
53.           Write a poem.
54.           Make dinner for your family.
55.            Plant flowers in your yard.
56.           Have a bubble bath.
57.            Order a pizza.
58.           Splash in a plastic kiddy pool.
59.           Buy crayons & a coloring book.
60.          Read a book based on a movie
61.     Start a diary and write in it
62.           Spend the day at the library.
63.           Draw a self-portrait.
64.           Make a collage with magazines.
65.           Run around in the sprinklers.
66.           Go to a museum.
67.           Invite friends over for movies
68.           Swing at the park.
69.           Tie-Dye a t-shirt with Kool Aid
70.           Make a smoothie.
71.      Learn how to spell 5 new words
72.           Make popsicles in your freezer.
73.           Put on the radio and dance.
74.           Go camping in your backyard!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

School in the Summer

No, I'm not going to suggest we have year round school!  I'm talking about keeping our children's skills current over the summer.  I have NOT done this well in the past.  We always go to the library and check out books to read.  I read with my son almost every night.  The summer after K4, I didn't work on much with him.  That was a mistake for him.  He needed the reminder of what the letters looked like, how to hold his pencil, etc.  After K5, I did a little more with him.  But I didn't have anything structured.  I mean I didn't want to have him 'doing school' all summer long.  This year, I think I've struck a balance.  My friend Joy suggested a journal.  (THANK YOU!)  So I printed off lots of the special large lined paper that he has at school, placed it in a three ring notebook, and used my handy dandy Silhouette to cut some vinyl on the front saying "Summer Journal".  I showed it to him and he loved it!  Our 'deal' is that he does one page, and then he can draw on the back of the page.  Each day I give him a couple of options; capital alphabet, lower case alphabet, numbers, or two sentences.  Even though we've only had two weeks of summer, it's really working well.  He has even ASKED to write in it!  I usually have him practice piano at the same sitting since he's already focused.  I look over the work and have him correct any major mistakes but I try not to criticize what he's done or the sentences he's worked on!  Hope this helps!