Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mama Time (yeah, right!) - A Blog on life as a mother by mom expert Hannah Keeley

Check out this great blog post by Hannah Keeley. She's this awesome mom of 7 kids (yikes!). She also went to my alma mater (Furman) and was a Psychology major. She's just awesome and wants Moms to have a better life. This particular post is a little bit of an attitude adjustment. I needed it.
Mama Time (yeah, right!) - A Blog on life as a mother by mom expert Hannah Keeley

Thursday, May 26, 2011

School's Out!

This is a repost of my end of summer post last year.  I'm using it to remind me how to survive!  My son got out of school today.  I'm looking forward to less structure but I know we need some!!!

It seems every time I talk to someone at about their summer, they just sigh.  It was too short, too hectic, and too hot.  This was one of the hottest summers that I remember in South Caroonlina.  For me, this was really the first summer I had two children.  In '08 my daughter was born 2 weeks before school started back.  In '09 my husband was out of work, so he was home the entire summer!  Talk about spoiled.  So the summer of '10 had me flying solo.  I DID NOT DO THIS WELL!  I resolve to do this better next year.  Here is what I learned.  It may or may not help you out.  I will at least have a place to look back to come next June.

1. Have a list of ideas.  I would draw a complete blank on things to do.  If we didn't have a doctor's appointment or somewhere else to be, the three of us just stared at each other like we were lost.  I forgot that we had passes to the zoo until 2 weeks before school started!  Ack!  Of course, it was SOOOO hot!  Maybe I will have a jar that we can pick from.  I just didn't have inspiration on the spot.  
(need to start on this)2. Space out camps, vacations, and vacation bible school.  I did ok on this, but will do better.  It seemed like for any type of camp we had it took a week to recover.  I thought these things would make the summer easier, but they actually made it harder.  It interrupted whatever schedule we had and got us out of the groove.
(done!)3. Save more of a summer activity fund.  I've done this when my son was in a more expensive summer long program, but didn't do it for the small things.  I'll try to save more for that next year.
(better luck next year!)4.  I need to find better summer recipes.  The idea of cranking up the gas stove was horrendous to me.  It was just too hot!  I'll be searching out a few 'no heat' recipes before June.
(SEND ME YOUR IDEAS!!!)5. I will plan some nights out with friends.  I had very little 'mommy recharge' time.
(Who wants to meet up???)Leave me some comments on what ideas you use to get through the summer!  I'd especially like to see some inexpensive ones!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok, so how many of you thought I was going to be talking about our kids obeying?  Uh huh.  That's what I thought.  I've actually been thinking about Obedience a lot lately.  Mostly because of the Bible Study we are doing on Jonah by Priscilla Shirer.  Jonah wasn't very obedient.  He got eaten by a fish.  He became obedient.  He brought an entire nation to revival.  (That's 6 weeks of a study in 4 sentences!)

I want to be obedient to God!  I DON'T want to be eaten by a fish.  I mean, that's some consequences to incur. Of course I sit here and still question God.  I question what he wants me to do.  I question if he provides.  I question his promises to me.  Doesn't sound so obedient does it?

It reminds me of that song by Jars of Clay "Two Hands."  I feel like I have one hand that wants to be obedient and one hand that doesn't.  But I'm going to keep trying.  And I have to think that pleases God.