Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Being a 'Messy Mommy'

About a month ago, I had some major computer problems.  My husband and I are 'computer people' so when we can't fix it, then there is something BIG going on.  One afternoon I found myself on the phone with tech support in India.  I know you've been there.  It can be frustrating but I was getting some answers so I wanted to stick with it.  The thing is, I was home alone with the kids.  As I sat in the family room on the phone and the laptop, the two were playing very nicely together in the kitchen, for two hours!  Now, I should have suspected something when both children came in and asked for me to help tie their aprons on them.  My son got one of my vintage aprons and then improvised with a dish towel for his sister.  I really just thought that they were playing with the 'play kitchen'.  Although the pictures don't do it justice, here is what I found:

Yep, that's paint.  Finger paint, watercolor paint, tempera paint.  Green paint, red paint, purple paint.  On arms, on legs, on the floor, and yes, some on paper.  (Don't you know my daughter will kill me one day for that picture!)  Now I could have 'gone ballistic' over this mess!  But really, how could I get mad?  They used our craft supplies, not real paint, so it was all washable.  They DID put on aprons.  They WERE being quiet while I was on the phone.  They were playing WITHOUT fighting.  They were HELPING each other.  Aren't these all things that we want to instill in our children?  Don't we read books about how to do this?  Don't we PAY for art classes?  Don't we pray that God gives them a creative, playful, spirit?  So how could I get mad?

Now it did take me a good hour to get the children, table, and floor cleaned up.  (Baths were EARLY that day!)  I was frustrated at the fact that two hours on the phone cost me an additional hour of clean up.  Don't think I just joyfully jumped at the task.  But I did choose to just go with it.  I was a Messy Mommy that day.  And I do hope that when my children are older, they will remember that I let them get messy sometimes.  That maybe, just sometimes, I was a fun mom!  Life is often messy.  The perfectly clean house will be in another season.  Let me know how you want to 'get messy' with your kids this week!
(P.S. Thanks for the 'kick in the pants' this am to get back on here and write.  You know who you are!!)

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