Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick tip-Extra Space

Need some extra space in your house?  I think most of us who have kids do!  I have a simple solution that I LOVE!  I have a clothesline in my laundry room.  It's one like this:
It's retractable, but I mostly have it out.  It stretches out over the washer and dryer.  I use it all the time!  Of course I use it for drying clothes.  I also use it to hang fingerpainted creations that need to dry.  It works great if you need to spray febreeze on an item, like a blanket.  Just clothespin it up, spray, and let dry.  I also hang pool toys, swim suits, and the like on it to dry.  I believe I paid about $10 for it.  It has really paid off.  If I were to get another one, I would consider this one:
If you have any great space savers in your life, I'd love to hear about them!

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