Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cold Turkey

Why does it take me so long to write a post?  I have about 50 posts in my head.  If I could stick a USB drive in my head and download it to my blog then you would have a post a day!  Oh well...

We went cold turkey and cancelled our cable.  Unfortunately, we are still tied to the cable company because we use them for our internet connection.  It's the only available option we have. But cancelling the cable saves us about $50 a month.  We had a pretty basic package.

There are lots of articles on the net that tell you ways to go cable/satellite free.  We already owned a Wii, so that was the cheap way to go.  We use the Wii to connect to Netflix.  We pay $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming and one DVD via mail a month.  The $7.99 option is for streaming only.

We were going to install an over the air antennae for the house but are waiting on that.  We want to see if we actually miss network TV.  If we decide to go that route, we would install an antennae to our chimney and run the wire to our cable box.  It allows reception to any TV hooked up via a co-ax cable.  No set top rabbit ears hear.  This would cost about $200.

I really thought the kids would miss there regular shows.  They have loved all the new option they have.  Since we only had basic cable there were some kids shows we didn't get.  They have discovered an old time Super Mario Brothers Show, Backyardigans, Angelina Ballerina Movies, and Spiderman.

Lots of people who ditch cable say they like it because they become more intentional about watching TV.  That hasn't really happened for us because we have had a DVR for years.  The cool thing has been that my husband and I have discovered shows that we would have never watched before!  We can start from season 1, and watch away!  My favorite two gems are "Veronica Mars" from UPN and "Eureka" from the SyFy channel.  We love these!  And by watching on Netflix, there are NO commercials!  No annoying Viagra commercials or toys the kids beg us to have.

And for the network shows we do want to watch we go to Hulu.  We either watch it on the laptop or hook it to our TV from the laptop.  It's all very freeing!

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