Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swap Meet at Sew Many Ways

I peruse A LOT of blogs!  Most are good, but occasionally I find one that is GREAT!  Sew Many Ways is one such blog.  Karen is hosting a Swap Meet!  Pop into her blog and check out the stuff other bloggers are wanting to swap!  Maybe there is something there that you've been looking for.  She just started it this weekend, so it's very new, and there aren't many swappers yet.....but give it time.....I'll bet there'll be a bunch of stuff within a week or two!

My favorite part of her blog is her Tool Time Tuesday.  She goes to the hardware store to find items for her sewing room.  Love it!

Ok, so here's what I'm hoping to swap with someone!  A personalized laptop monogram!

You chose the middle letter!  Leave me a comment if you want to swap from Sew Many Ways!

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