Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reflecting on Christmas

Ok, so I'm sure you have put away the Christmas decorations and don't want to even THINK about Christmas again for another 10 months or so.  Hang with me for a minute.  We are one month out from Christmas.  Can you remember every single thing that you received or gave?  Probably not, right?   Well, let me tell you what I learned this Christmas.  LESS IS MORE!

Typically, each year we save a little each week toward Christmas.  I highly recommend this!  It keeps the charge cards at bay.  Of course, this year we had to use the Christmas savings for other expenses.  That left hardly anything for Christmas.  Here is my recipe for how we still had a great Christmas:
#1.  I had stocked away some gifts.  I pick up toys and trinkets throughout the year that I find on clearance (usually from Target).  I had some of the things for 2 years, just waiting for when we needed them.
#2.  I had a specific list that I used when relatives asked what the kids wanted for Christmas.  I kept track of who said they would get what.  This cut down on duplicate gifts and helped tremendously with some of the kids wants.
#3.  I made A LOT of the kids gifts.  Even if you aren't crafty, you CAN do this!  I'll show some fun items in future posts.
#4.  Look for the extra-ordinary.  I found an old finance book with beautiful binding at Goodwill for $2.  My husband, who is a finance guy, loved it!
#5.  Have FUN!  Per my post on complaining, Christmas should not be stressful.  Making it simple really helped make it less stressful.  We looked at lights, a lot.  Went ice skating, saw Santa (NOT at the mall), bakes a lot of cookies, watched parades, and drank LOTS of hot chocolate.

So make a 'resolution' to plan to make Christmas less stressful this year.  (I'm writing this more as a reminder to myself!)

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