Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pictures for New (ad)Venture

I had quite a bit of interest in my reusable snack bags!  YEAH!  Here are some more details:
-They are 'sandwich' size but can be used for snacks too.
-They are sized about 6 inches by 7 inches when flat and have a 2 inch flap.  They are plenty big enough for 'hearty' bread size sandwich's
-The flap is like the sandwich bags we had back in the 70s and 80s.  I have never had a problem with food falling out.  I've used them in lunch boxes and in the car as a 'to-go' snack.  I tried some with velcro but felt like the food sometimes got stuck in them.
-When you are finished with using it, turn it inside out, throw it in the wash and the dryer.
-I've even used them for grapes and carrots.
In the picture below I wanted to show you the size sandwich that is in the left bag (hence the bread on the IKEA plate).  Also, there is a pencil below the bags to give you a size idea.
The more you buy the more you can save!
1-4: $3.00 each
5-9: $2.75 each
10-14: $2.50 each
15-19: $2.25 each
20 or more: $2.00 each

I have lots of different fabrics and can even hunt down a specific theme for larger orders.  So if you are trying to 'go green' or you just want a back up for when you run out of plastic baggies, then my snack saks are for you!

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