Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm dreaming of a frugal Christmas

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about low or no cost Christmas presents for our children.  I know for many of us our Christmas budgets have been slashed.  Maybe you have had an employment change, unexpected medical bills, a car that needed emergency repairs. All of these things can really damage whatever money you might have saved for Christmas.  I challenge you to realize that this is an opportunity to make Christmas what you want it to be!  No more excess, no more credit card bill in January, and no more guilt!

I thought I'd share a couple super frugal and easy ideas for you.  This first idea is actually from one of the first craft blogs I ever read.  You can make your little girl some pretend make-up.  See the tutorial at Not So Idle Hands.  Do you remember the plastic make-up we had years ago?  It was fake and therefor didn't break out skin, stain clothes, or get everywhere!  I actually did this for my little girl several months ago.  You use nail polish and old make-up containers.  There are two things I changed from the tutorial. First, I did not find it necessary to fill up the container.  Now, it does shrink, but I was fine if it wasn't flush with the top.  It smells, but DO NOT close the lid to contain the smell.  it will chemically burn the plastic lid.  Yuck!  But once it dries the smell goes away.

This second idea came from a rainy day activity at home.  We made Laminated Masks.  I was looking for a Batman picture for my son to color.  I stumbled across a Batman mask.  I printed it out and he colored it in.  Then I laminated it.  I do not have a laminating machine but you can use an iron instead.  This ehow tutorial shows you how to do it.  I used a manila office folder as the pouch.  You can get the laminating plastic at an office store but ebay is a much cheaper alternative.  I bought a huge lot of several sizes for less than $10.00.  Then I punched holes in the sides and threaded elastic through it.  Instant mask.  For Christmas I printed out animal faces, circus masks, Spiderman, etc.  I colored them in myself but you could make these up as mask kits for the kiddos!  I can't wait to see what they think of them!

I'd love to hear your super FRUGAL ideas!

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