Friday, November 19, 2010

There are only 3 possibilities

Some of my facebook friends (and real life ones) know part of this story.  Two weeks ago, I had one of those really tiring Mondays.  I was just plain beat.  I had no real reason to be tired (other than being a full time wife, mother, daughter, and friend).  The next day I felt fine.  On Wednesday night I started having eye pain and double vision.  I went to the eye doctor on Thursday.  He wouldn't let me leave until he found a specialist that would see me THAT DAY.  A neuro-opthomologist.  I didn't even know there was such a thing.  An hour later I was in this new doctor's office going through an intensive eye exam.  The second one of the day.  This doctor, in his oh-so-lacking bedside manner says, "Worst case scenario, you have an aneurysm."

I looked at him and said, "Hmmh, really?"  I'm not sure I can explain my reaction other than God was giving me peace.  The doctor went on to explain that I may also have inflammation of the eye muscles in my eye because of whatever infection I had on Monday that had me feeling poorly.  We decided to wait a day on the MRI because I didn't have many aneurysm symptoms.  He did give me his cell number and I left with a Rx for a strong anti-inflammatory drug and an appointment for the next day.

That night as I tucked my children in bed and kissed my husband goodnight, I knew that there were 3 possibilities for me.  (These are from Beth Moore's Daniel Bible Study.)
1. God would deliver me from this tragedy.
2. God would deliver me through this tragedy.
3. God would deliver me straight into Jesus's arms.

And I really was ok with any of those options.  My husband and I prayed (with tears running down our faces) and I went to sleep.  I know it was the peace of God that surpasses all understanding that let me sleep that night.  It was that same peace that helped me lie in bed the next morning praying for my sweet friend who was in surgery.  And it is that peace that I want to live the rest of my days with!

P.S.  My eye is MUCH better and the doctor feels like this is a one time occurance.

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