Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I always have a growing list of projects that I would like to try.  There are such amazing bloggers out there who take WONDERFUL pictures and tutorials.  I thought I'd show you a list of things I'd like to tackle, soon!

1. Mobile Ironing Board - I am blessed enough to have my own craft room.  Of course with two little ones, I can go weeks without entering the room.  Of course since the ironing board is in that room, that should tell you how much laundry I do!  But this ironing board is so neat!  Since I'm reworking my craft room so it has more sewing space, this would be perfect!

2. Child's Apron  I can't seem to get the picture to link over but this is the cutest little apron and tutorial.  It's called a Montessori Apron because it is designed for the child to be able to put on THEMSELVES!  Brillant!

3.  Pillowcases for Charity  I love this idea!  It's a tutorial and information on an organization that gives fun pillowcases to sick children in hospitals.  If you ever wanted to try sewing, this would be a great project!

4. Zig Zag Fabric Boxes  These little fabric boxes are just neat.  It's amazing that they are sewn together this way.  I love any type of container and I think this would be a fun storage option.

5. Sewing table  And of course I'm going to need a new piece of furniture to add to my office/craft/sewing machine.  If you have ever looked at the specialty sewing furniture you know it is expensive!  Something like this plan would cost at least $600!  I will use it mostly for a cutting table and for a place to put that cute portable ironing board above.
Do you have any projects that you want to tackle of the web?  I'd love to see them!  Link away!

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