Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Weekly Purse

Let's see what I've had the opportunity to turn into a silk purse this week:

Sow's Ear: No fun plans for a Sunday
Silk Purse:  Impromptu trip to the zoo after church.  Beautiful weather!  We all had a blast and even got to see the baby orangutan swing from the rope and fall down.  My daughter is still talking about the monkey that fell! 

Sow's Ear: Dentist appointment for 2 year old to get spot ground off her tooth
Silk Purse:  She actually napped really well afterward (screaming will do that) and then keeps going "buzzzzzz" with her finger to everyone else's mouth.  It's hilarious

Sow's Ear: Only two weeks of summer left
Silk Purse: Only two weeks of summer left!  (Heehee, I'm sure you moms understand this).

It's been a good week because I decided to make it a good week!  Now, go forth and make silk purses!

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