Friday, August 20, 2010

Project Fun

Ever gone out to McDonald's because the kids needed a treat?  Ever felt guilty about yelling at the kids and bought them a toy?  Ever turned on the TV because you the kids needed a break?  Come on, I know I'm not the only one!  I find my self doing so many things out of guilt.

One of my favorite 'celebrity' moms is Hannah Keeley.  She went to the same college I did (a few years before me), has 7 kids, and her own TV show called "Hannah Help Me."  She's just really a neat, down to earth person.  She really focuses on having fun in your child's life.  She thinks that kids should remember something fun from yesterday, do something fun today, and look forward to something fun tomorrow.  I think that is a wonderful philosophy of parenting.  My son doesn't always think the 'fun' things I do are very funny, but I hope when he is an adult he will look back and remember his mom as funny or goofy!

Along these lines, I have started +"Project Fun".  It's nothing formal or scheduled.  I don't have a list on the calendar of things we are supposed to do to have fun.  It's an attitude or way of life.  I realized I was doing too much of "guilty fun."  I did things to help my guilt as a mom, not to instill fun in our kiddos.  I have started to change this way of thinking.  Now don't start thinking that "I don't do crafts" or "I don't do puppet shows" or "I don't have any money".  It doesn't have to be that, although it could.  Sometimes it's planning something.  Other times it's just saying "Yes!" to a request!

Here are somethings we have done recently:
-Took lunch on a drizzly Saturday the park.  Ate lunch and let the kids play in the rain.
-Went on a small two night vacation and DID NOT tell the kids where we were going, untill we got there.  They didn't even know we were spending the night.
-Went to a downtown toy store and let the kids play.

-Took shaving cream and let them spread it all over the front porch.  It smells good and washes off pretty easily.
-When my son asked to make chocolate chip cookies, I said YES!  I stopped everything and started baking with him.
-This weekend we are going apple picking.  It's a little bit of a drive, but I could it as 'fun grocery shopping'. 

Leave me a comment about intentional fun things that you have done or are going to try with your kiddos!

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