Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Scottish Roots

The Scot's are known to be rather frugal (ok, cheap).  It's where Scotch Tape got it's name.  I'm not judging.  My son got his red hair from the Scottish and Irish sides of my family.  My great grandmother used a kitchen chair instead of getting a wheelchair.  My grandmother used the stove to make toast.  She just couldn't see spending the money on some new device to cook toast (of course she always burned it, but that's another story).  I was thinking alot about her today, about that generation born at the beginning of the 1900's.  Frugality was really just a way of life for them.  As they lived through wars and depressions, they made a life out of what was around them.

What would they think of all of the 'new-found' frugality: coupon sites, re-purposing clothing, thrift store shopping?  I think they would scratch their heads at our amazement at this 'new' way of life.  To them, it was just life.

I was really channeling my grandmother as I took a mattress pad apart.  It had kind of melted in the dryer and didn't fit my sons twin bed anymore.  I knew I could use the quilted batting in some sewing projects.  As I started to cut it apart, I realized I could use the elastic too for some pants for my daughter.  Score! 

I don't keep everything 'just in case' I find a purpose for it.  But I am beginning to look at items in a whole new way.  Let me know what you've re-purposed or put to a new life!

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