Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Counting Joy

You can now go directly to this blog via www.makeasilkpurse.com.  I feel like Pinocchio when he became 'real'.

The other week when I posted Mommy Meltdown I had some interesting emails and comments in response to it.  Seems like some people in my life think I have it "all together" and were surprised that I had a meltdown.  I started thinking about how others see me and how we see others.  Maybe I'm not transparent enough.  Aren't we as Christians supposed to let others know we struggle so that they will see our strength in Christ, and not ourselves?

We really don't know what goes on in another's life unless we "walk in their moccasins."  It is impossible to know their every feeling and every struggle.  And let's face it; we all have struggles.  Scripture says we WILL struggle.  Psalm 40:12 says "For trouble without number surround me..."  It doesn't say every once in a while I'll have a bad day.  Troubles surround?  Yuck!  Psalm 90:10 says, "The years of our life are seventy,or even by reason of strength eighty;yet their span is but toil and trouble..."  It doesn't say, we'll only have struggles for one day or if we are a bad mom or a bad wife or overweight or poor or tired.  If you ever think that the writers of the Bible had it all together, just read the book of Ecclesiastes or Job.  And I know if they struggled, then it is normal that I do. 

I also know that I will, as it says in James 1, count it ALL joy.  I will count the struggles, the tears, the heartache, and even the lack of sleep as Joy!  I know that is what God wants me to do.  Of course, it's easy to count the blessings as joy.  But really, if I start to see it all as joy, then even the heartache becomes joy.  It is hard to do.  I will look to God for the strength to do this.

I challenge you this week to be a little more transparent with someone.  Ask questions, so someone will have the opportunity to be transparent with you!  Let me know how it goes!

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