Sunday, August 8, 2010

Babes in Tech Land

I love this picture of the Turtle boy.  (We were in a parked car, so no worries about the seat belt or the fact that he was in the front seat.)   
He just seems so old here.  There is no baby fat on his face anymore.  He's in big boy camo pants.  He's intently playing on my iphone (hence the pink case).  He's gotten pretty good at the "Rush Hour" game. 

And the Monkey is sitting in the back:

She's playing on a hand me down itouch.  Of course, we adults seem to think it's amazing that kids these days are so technologically advanced.  They grow up with it around them.  To them it's as normal as running water was to my parents generation and tv is to my generation.  I, like many first time parents, said "I'll never let my kids watch tv, play video games, etc."  Famous last words!  Now, of course I DO understand the importance of limiting 'screen time'.  We don't have a set schedule (that's just not how we work as a family) but we do limit the types of shows and programs that we allow them to watch.  It's a delicate balance.  We live IN this world, but we are not to be OF this world. 

I marvel at how time marches on.  Babies grow to toddlers, toddlers to big kids!  Phones get smaller, TV's get bigger.  I wonder what my kids will marvel at in thirty years?

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