Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Weekly Purse

Ahh, another hot summer week gone by! I've talked to so many moms that have said this has been a hard summer. For some it has been because the kids are restless and wild. For others it has been financial. For many, it has just been lonely. We have about two weeks left before summer. I'm hoping to make the best of it and add a little fun into the remaining days!

This week's ears:
Sow's Ear: 45 minute wait in the doctor's office
Silk Purse: Great diagnosis in just a few minutes

Sow's Ear: Two kids in a different doctor's appointment in a REALLY small room!
Silk Purse: LOVE the new doctor!

Sow's Ear: Just take a look at this post
Silk Purse: A really great gift!

Sow's Ear: Negative comments made about someone dear to me
Silk Purse:  The knowledge that God gave me this family for a reason.  Pure and simple.

Ok, I'm off to brainstorm some fun things for this week!

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