Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Weekly Purse

As I'm sitting here reflecting on the past week, I wondered if I'd really turned anything into a silk purse. Did I take anything bad and turn it to good? As many moms know, the summer can make or break you. This was really the first summer that I had 2 kids to take care of by myself. Sometimes the days fly. Other days creep.

In upstate South Carolina it has been HOT! Like 100 degrees hot with a 'feels like' of 114 degrees! These kind of days creep. It's just too hot to take the kids outside or even to the pool (redheads and 100 degree heat don't mix well!) It became even more challenging to make a silk purse. But here's how I tried:

Sow's Ear: Almost two year old bored because big brother is at Vacation Bible School
Silk Purse: Started to 'play' school with her so she can learn her colors. She loved it and I felt like we had some much needed 'girl time'.

Sow's Ear: Kids are so tired and hot by the time my husband gets home that dinner is just a mess!
Silk Purse: Ate a special lunch out with the 4 of us on a weekday and really enjoyed it!

Sow's Ear: Received some potentially devastating news from a friend.
Silk Purse: Realized that God was giving us a special gift of knowledge to protect us.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have a lot of Sow's ears around here. I mean A LOT! But it's nice to know I can finish a few purses each week. What did you turn into a silk purse this week! I'd love to hear about it!

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