Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hardware store decorating

I love making things for my home.  I blame my mother.  She's an interior decorator by trade so she always had some project going.  My dad is very handy with tools.  Put the two together and they created an obsessed child!  Not all my projects turn out great but it is always cheaper than buying it in the store or paying someone to do it.  AND I have something that no one else does.

We recently bought some 'barely used' furniture for our family room.  It is a TOTALLY different design than what we had before.  We used to have dark blue couches.  Now they are cream and sage and coral.  So my red floral cutains had to go (given to a friend of course!)  Now, I searched for a replacement at the usual haunts: Target, Bed Bath Beyond, Marshalls, Ross, and several consignment stores.  I was looking for something in a beige/green/cream linen.  I found NOTHING.  I didn't even find a sow's ear.  I ran across this article at Beneath My Heart about using drop cloths.  That's right, as in the things you put on the floor when you are painting!  It's the PERFECT sow's ear!

I'm half way done with getting them ironed and hung up.  I will hopefully post a few pictures tomorrow.  It really was the perfect shade of linen that I needed.  I spent less than $20 for a pair of 8 foot curtains.  If you buy linen from a fabric store it is going to cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 a yard.  

What things have you decorated with that are unusual?

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